Ambition Editing LLC


Author Ashlie Harris writes:

I can't express my gratitude enough for this amazing woman.  As a part of my Alpha reader team, she provided exceptional feedback and , with an immaculate eye for detail, she was quick to point out any errors or issues with grace and eloquence. I highly recommend Katlyn's services to any seeking a close, personal connection with an intense and focused professional who is 100% devoted to your story's development the way YOU want it.  I could go on and on.  Suffice it to say, I would choose Katlyn every time- you should too.

Author Essie Ryan writes: 

Katlyn is amazing!  I'll start off by saying that our working partnership began when she Beta read one of my story's.  We got to talking and she sat and listened  to soap opera worthy ideas and the partnership turned into a friendship.  She took notes for me when I didn't have access to a computer.  She was always prompt with her feedback and really made me take a step back to listen to her input and helped me shape a T-REX sized timeline.  I would HIGHLY recommend Katlyn for your editing and personal writing services.

Author Rita Kruger  writes:   There is a lot I can say about Katlyn Rose Webb, but she has sworn me to secrecy on most of them. What happens in  Vegas… or in Facebook chats… or between two people who love working together… you know the rest.  Anyway, let me tell you the three most important facts about Katlyn. She loves reading. She reads fast. She gives kick-ass advice on how to make your story better.  So far she has helped me on several projects, from novels to short stories and flash fiction.  Sometimes she even helps me sort out the mess I write for my blog, because she’s that good. And did I say fast? Katlyn makes Road Runner look slow. Her superhero name is White Lightning!  I highly recommend this lady to any writer in need of help to tug and trim a project into shape.